Our society is in the midst of many epidemics—obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer, and addiction—to name a few. But in reality, there is only one epidemic—and it threatens our entire way of life. It’s the root cause and driving force behind every other epidemic our nation faces.

This neurological epidemic is an unforeseen consequence of our 21st Century high-tech, stressed-out lifestyles that has our nervous systems reeling as daily stress forces our bodies to pump out stress hormones in near-lethal amounts, causing anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight gain, and susceptibility to disease.

It’s a national crisis of epic proportions.

Brain-based wellness and the new health paradigm, Fortunately, leaders in the field of mind/body health have spent more then two decades researching the problem and developing safe, drug-free methods for undoing the damage caused by excess stress while creating a flourishing brain.

How might your life improve if you could consistently reduce or eradicate stress and worry while gaining emotional stability and mental harmony? What if you could eliminate sleep disturbances so you sleep well every night and awaken rejuvenated and energized? What if you could do away with unwanted habits, fears, and phobias while reactivating your creativity, memory and cognitive skills?

Within these pages you will learn a new paradigm for health based on brain balance and mind/body wellness, one that provides our society the single best antidote to the neurological epidemic.